Welcome to LuckyFella Clothing co!

LuckyFella Clothing co Started out of a desire to create high quality custom typographic clothing.

As a graphic designer and typographer ( My personal website ) I wanted an outlet for the things I create, and what better vehicle for this than a T-shirt! Something we wear and see every day of our lives.

These first 2 typographic t-shirts in the collection are designed by myself and my good friend Simon Alander

We craft super duper premium, limited edition T-Shirts (at least for now). our focus is to create beautifully simple & highly sophisticated clothing. All of our typographic designs are hand crafted, and completely custom-made making them highly unique and one of a kind. Our shirts are produced as limit runs of 160, and will probably never be produced again.

We use only the highest quality American Apparel power washed T-shirts, that not only fit extremely well, but are really REALLY soft.

A couple words to describe our style would be : vintage, 1950’s, classic, plain white T with a twist, custom typography

Buying a LuckyFella shirt guarantees you exclusivity, as if you were buying a piece of art. So what you waiting for?! Welcome to the LuckyFella family!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Live Chat below.

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